Sunday, July 12, 2009

Heritance Kandalama - Dambulla

Watch the hotel emerge from the lush foliage of the mountainside. Enter the fantasy ambience of five star luxury suspended in a natural dreamscape. Relax and let your vision blend the sapphire blue of the infinity pool with the cool grey of the Kandalama Lake, where time has stood still for 2000 years. Wander the corridors amongst the twittering swifts and befriend the monkeys lazing among the branches. Watch green blend into green from floating rooftop lawns to virgin woodlands. Gaze upon the Sigiriya rock citadel from your room window. Absorb the magic of Kandalama; transcend time and reality.
The Infinity Pool is another unique feature of Heritance Kandalama hotel. It is one of the ingenious concepts of the hotel architect Mr. Geoffrey Bawa. The edge of the pool blends with the water of the Kandalama Lake, giving the impression that you are in the lake itself, although the pool is physically located at a much higher elevation.
The natural pool (Kaludiya Pokuna) is another example of Geoffrey Bawa’s ingenious blending of the natural topography with the architectural features of the hotel. The bottom of the pool is the actual bedrock upon which the structure of the hotel rests. The surface of the rock has been coated with plastic to prevent water seepage and facilitate cleaning the pool.
Unique to the brand, Heritance cuisine envisions a philosophy based on a threefold foundation of taste, health and presentation. Adhering to the Heritance principle of responsible tourism, the finest in international cuisine is presented, supplemented by health & goodness. If the epicurean in you seek the finest in culinary experiences, then Heritance Hotels are a must in your itinerary. A distinctive blend of the best international trends in gastronomy is offered, with excerpts of traditional cooking culture.
The Heritance Kandalama is the ultimate eco-tourism destination in Sri Lanka. You need not leave the comfort of the Hotel to enjoy the wildlife in the environs. Birds nest in the corridors and outside windows, and accompany you with their soft twittering. Grey Languor’s and monkeys sit on branches within reach and watch you with bold curiosity.

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