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Hotels - Batticaloa

Batticaloa (Sinhala: මඩකළපුව, Tamil: மட்டக்களப்பு) is a city in the Eastern province of Sri Lanka. It is the seat of the Eastern University of Sri Lanka. It is on the east coast, 69 miles south by south east of Trincomalee, and is situated on an island. more..
Rice and coconuts are the two staples of the district, and steamers trading round the island call regularly at the port. The lagoon is famous for its "singing fish," supposed to be shell-fish which give forth musical notes. The district has a remnant of Veddahs or wild men of the wood.
The only photo that i found from a hotel in Batticaloa is shown above. It is the Hotel Bridge View from Kallady, Batticaloa.

The town was also one of the worst hit during the tsunami of December 26, 2004. The water rose up to 4.7 metres (15 ft) within 90 minutes of the beginning of the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake.
The Dutch Fort of Batticaloa. A rectangular shaped fort with bastions on the four corners. The emblem of the Dutch East India Company (VOC) is still above the fort’s entrance. The lagoon borders on the north and east with a moat on the west and part of the south sides. Within the fort there are several local governmental administrative offices along with the monument stone for the original Dutch church that was built here in the mid 18th century.
The hotels can be contacted by using the following phone numbers.

Lake View Inn, Batticaloa
A/C, Non-A/C Rooms & Restaurant
6B Lloyds Avenue

Subaraj Inn, Batticaloa
A/C, Non-A/C Rooms & Restaurant
6/1 Lloyds Avenue

Riviera Resort, Kallady
Non A/C Rooms & Restaurent
New Dutch Bar Road

Bridge View, Kallady
A/C, NON-A/C Rooms & Restaurant
62/24 New Dutch Bar Road

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