Friday, August 21, 2009

Scuba Diving

Sri Lankan warm seas house thousands of marine species for the fascination of any scuba diver. The recreational coral reefs around the island range from depth 5-10 meters to 40 meters. Many ancient wrecks, caves and special reef formations will make a diver to experience best of Scuba Diving. The diving centers and training schools are equipped with the latest scuba gear and internationally qualified instructors.

The monsoon cycle in Sri Lanka ensures that one half of the island's coastal waters are always in season for Swimming, snorkeling & diving. Underwater visibility in the season is good and ranges from 50 to 100 feet.
A wide coral reef surrounds Sri Lanka's coast at intervals, from north to south, providing excellent sites for diving and snorkeling. There are 138 species of coral recorded for Sri Lanka. Some of the coral reefs are magnificently colored and beautifully shaped, harbors many tropical fish. Among the most spectacular are the Angel Fish, the dainty Powder-blue Sturgeon, Sergeant-Major, Lion, Unicorn, Clown, Porcupine, and Striped Damsel.

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