Sunday, August 16, 2009

Train Tours

Go back to the past in our “time machines” witnessing breath taking views and historical locations. We are talking about a railway system that you could only witness in Museums.
Come and be part of these trilling experience. And one of the best places to be by rail is detailed below.

Demodara Station
Demodara railway station is a wonderful design of architecture situated in the Badulla district of the Uva province in Sri Lanka in a distance of 172 miles (276.8 Kilometers) from Colombo with a height of 2990 ft. (911.61 Meters) from the sea level.
The length of the Demodara tunnel which runs beneath the railway station is 1049 ft (320 meters). Construction of the tracks in this nature is known as “looping to loop” as per the idea of late Mr.D.J.Wimalasurendra who was the greatest Sri Lankan engineer to achieve the level difference by maintaining 1:44 which is maximum allowable gradient in Sri Lankan Railways.

The first train arrived at Demodara was in the year of 1921.

For more information check And for travel arrangements contact Sri Lankan Expeditions.

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Do old trains are still running which is showed in the above picture?

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