Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Casa Colombo - Bambalapitiya

A place of trendy version of colonial exotism, in the heart of Bambalapitiya town. Although our eyes are astonished by the large iron gate in front of Galle Road, it is only the shield of the most hip hotel of Colombo. Once destined to destruction, the Casa Colombo is back to its days of glory thanks to its creative and genius owner Lalin Jinasena. Eccentric and staggering, this 2-century-old Moresque castle brings back to life the charms of past times in a custom-made art deco. A tonic alternative to the city’s hassle, an artisanal jewel made in Sri Lanka.'
Padded in the captivating white walls, the army of carved arks and moulded ceiling rest like ultimate witnesses of ancient times. In each corner, colonial antiquities rival with the minimalism of iron and wooden furniture. And consequently, what you have is a flamboyant and upscale design worthy of Austin Power’s psychedelic universe, a mix of profusion, groovy colours and neon lightings. In the retro-chic rooms, your soul finally rests in a haven mounted with silky tints and raw silk curtains.
When you are not in the middle of a motorbike escapade on this lively and coloured island, relax in the shades of the mango trees, reflected by the water from the swimming pool. Under the starlit sky, the ZAZA outdoor tapas restaurant will offer you all the treasures from Asia. You should not miss the opportunity to test your knowledge on teas in a small tour around the exotic world of flavours on the fresh lawn of the T Republique.
Rates: from 71€ for the traveler suite and 177€ for the royal suite.

The official website can be found here.

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