Thursday, September 17, 2009

Tintagel Colombo - Colombo

Tintagel is a unique and private hotel, situated in the heart of Colombo’s most elite neighbourhood. Offering 10 individually designed suites with all modern amenities and services, Tintagel is housed in a stunning heritage structure of national importance that was previously home to three of Sri Lanka’s political leaders.
In the uptight neighbourhoods of Rosmeald Place, the Tintagel Colombo hotel is like a heritage of Sri Lanka’s modern history. Old presidential refuge, this majestic establishment is hiding an exotic and timeless setting behind its white walls. In 2005, this national treasure opens a new chapter in its epic adventure thanks to designer Shant Fernando, bringing back within the walls the fast and glory of the old, prestigious and dynastic era.
In the heart of this small haven, high ceilings are smoothly hidden behind in the curves of the arches and immense wooden columns. As the architecture awakes in us some vague desires, the colours (white, ebony and red) give birth to flamboyant combinations. As an inveterate globetrotter, Shant Fernando brings back to life different landscapes of the world through a very eclectic set of furniture. Sofas from Portugal, Flamingo chandeliers, give pureness and serenity to the rooms.
The unavoidable and mythic Alfresco takes you the high point of elegance. In this authentic and stylish restaurant, the visitor can enjoy international and innovative dishes on antique chairs and sparkling trays. In the early hours of the night, the candles will end the darkness from under the parasols pour an unforgettable and romantic dinner.

The blog i found those data can be found here, and the official website of the hotel can be found here.

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