Tuesday, September 1, 2009

www.watoday.com.au 's 2008's travel fantasy list



India's rich history, colourful culture and deep mysticism all make it a compelling destination but the grinding poverty of the cities puts many people off. Sri Lanka, the small island at the tip of India, is an alternative way to experience the exoticism of the sub-continent. It is an island that has it all: friendly locals, a tropical climate, sensational beaches and a dazzling array of attractions.Visit the hill station of Kandy, surrounded by massive tea plantations and home to the Temple of the Sacred Tooth of Buddha; explore World Heritage sights such as the cave temples at Dambulla and the soaring rock fortress of Sigiriya, as well as the massive Buddhist monuments at the centuries-old city of Polonnaruwa. For something completely different, go on a safari to spot wild elephants in one of the country's national parks, or explore the colonial charms of the township of Galle.

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