Friday, November 27, 2009

Wijaya Holiday Resort - Kiriella

Beauty beckons you for a joyful respite among misty mountains, luscious trees and a natural gushing waterfall and swimming pool. Warm and inviting Wijaya Holiday Resort located 60 km away from Colombo, easily accessible from any part of the island, rests atop a hill, nestled between lush green trees and thriving tea bushes.

The abundance of natural resources, provides cool air tinged with the fragrance of blooming flowers, chirping melodies of a large species of birds and the mystic beat of the Thalagahahena falls.

Natural Swimming Pool
The Thalagahahena Falls have created a natural swimming pool with gushing clear water which will be irresistible for those desiring fun and frolic in water.
Swimming Pool
Other Swimming pools for adults and kiddies including water games will tempt the young and old to take a plunge in the cool clear waters.

Landscaped Garden
A stroll around the surroundings with a children’s park, the tea bushes, blooming flowers and a lake for boat rides will arouse the pleasure provided by the gifts of nature.

A playground and indoor games enclosure enriches the facilities for enjoyment and fun. Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Badminton, Carrom, Table tennis, Chess and Darts are some of the many recreation facilities available.

The Restaurant
Delicious A’la carte menu, Sri Lankan, Eastern, Western, Chinese and International cuisine and a variety of deserts topped with tropical fruits will tickle the tasstebuds of one and all.

Banquet Hall
A spacious banquet hall provides the ideal setting for weddings, receptions, parties and any type of entertainment amidst a serene atmosphere. Every guest will cherish memories of the hospitality and courteous service for a long time to come.The official web site of Wijaya Holiday Resort can be found here.


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its a very nice hotel for Nature lovers. Very quite place!

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colewhitelaw said...

I love natural swimming pools, their beauty is really marvelous. Can you suggest some more?

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