Thursday, January 21, 2010

Saman Villas - Bentota

Relax, unwind and experience the luxury of Saman Villas; a paradise where emphasis is placed on privacy, comfort & unsurpassable hospitality.

Saman Villas is perched on a rocky headland dividing two long seemingly endless, surf swept unspoilt beaches of golden sand, backed by dense green coconut plantations, in the quiet-sleepy fishing village of Aturuwella in Bentota. The atmosphere is one of tranquility, disturbed only by the sounds of birds and the waves breaking on the rocks below. The views, from anywhere in the hotel, are magnificent.

In addition, to the restaurant’s cuisine, other Asian menus could be arranged on request with prior notice. Special dining can be arranged with prior notice for guests seeking for particular dietary requirements such as low fat, high-fiber, low in carbohydrates/protein, meals for diabetics, meals excluding all dairy products, onion, garlic, peppers (of all kinds), dry yeast, gluten and root vegetables or even catering to guests who require halal food.

The lounge bar beside the pool has breathtaking views of the different shades of blue from the sea and the pool. The sunset bar on the upper floor has a panoramic view of the coast and the central hills.

Other facilities include a well stocked library with a variety of books covering Sri Lanka and music CD’s, snooker table, table tennis, badminton, boardroom facilities that can house up to 12 people and jewellery shop.

Evening entertainment arranged on most evenings; include Ballet and soothing instrumental music.

The official website can be found here.

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