Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rocky and Mayur tour the country of Spices

Monday, April 5, 2010

Galkadawala - Habarana

Galkadawala a refuge to seekers of nature, situated by the Galkadawala tank merges with its village setting and dense forest. It is in the centre of the Cultural Triangle off the Habarana Kekirawa/Anuradhapura road at Palugasweva.
A Forest Lodge tucked away in the wilderness of Habarana. A paradise for birds & birders .One winds his way through thickets frequently visited by elephants who do not fail to give you the pleasure of a surprise trumpet more to remind you that you are in their territory calling for respectful indulgence and savouring peace, quiet and sanctity of a jungle habitat.Nature unfolds in its many mystic ways with the intermingling of birds, flying squirrels and all the other Fauna and Flora that always leaves that indelible feel of being away from it all.
Situated 12.5 km from Habarana.1/2 hour to Dambulla, Sigiriya, Kaudulla & Minneriya National Parks.15 mins to Ritigala.45 mins to Polonnaruwa.50 mins to Anuradhapura & Mihintale.It consist of three bedrooms with attached toilets and is equipped to either do your own cooking or seek the assistance of the caretaker.ACCOMMODATION FOR 12 PERSONS.ALSO AVAILABLE ON SHORT OR LONG TERM LEASE. RENT NEGOTIABLE.

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Serene Garden Hotel - Kandy

When you arrive in the historic city of Kandy away from the asphalt jungles of Colombo, consider yourself one of many foreign visitors -among them dignitaries, celebrities, poets, writers, literati, glitterati, affluent businessmen, hitch hikers and back packers- who all went into dizzy raptures about its beauty. Ah, Kandy!
Serene Garden Hotel is situated within walking distance of the city centre and overlooking the serene Kandy Lake. Above all these things, something unique about Serene Garden Hotel: its ambience is serene and the experience blends with the unique enchantment that Kandy serenely weaves in the mind of the foreign traveller, as it has done for centuries.
From Serene Garden Hotel, it is walking distance to the Dalada Maligawa (The Temple of the Tooth) across the road from the Kandy Lake. This hallowed temple is synonymous with the historic hill capital of Kandy; it is where the tooth relic of the Buddha is enshrined, enduring symbol of a nation’s sovereignty.
The official website of Serene Garden Hotel, Kandy can be found here.
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