Monday, August 23, 2010

Kosgoda Beach Resort - Kosgoda

We dream of our own personal freedom in harmony with nature and her natural law. It is a quest for adventure and discovery, a search for natural beauty and serenity and a need for personal validation, accomplishment and fulfillment. This is the spirit of travel and Kosgoda Beach Resort is its Home.
The Resort atmosphere is a silent and elegant calm, uncluttered yet luxurious, gracious in its simple homely graciousness.One comes here to relax, to unwind and spend time in quiet contemplation of the slow and silent beauty of unhurried days spent in the company of a good book or revelling in the rare luxury of time without a schedule.

Set in a secluded coconut grove overlooking the Indian Ocean, Kosgoda Beach Resort is located seventy five kilometers south of Colombo, at Nape a two and a half hours drive from the Colombo International Airport, twenty two miles away from the main tourist destination of Galle and ten miles from Bentota.
The resort abuts the main Colombo / Galle highway – The Galle Road, and extends inwards towards an unspoilt beach situated within the resort.

There is a river lagoon at the back of the resort providing natural characteristics, and immensely attractive. The resort accommodation of 42 villas are interspersed with the natural beauty of the original coconut plantation and connected by outdoor garden courtyards.
Climate – The dry season in Kosgoda extends from mid October to mid May while there are frequent showers during the rainy season. These often last only a short time and are followed by sun shine.
Temperature’s year round range from 21C to 35C (70F to 90F)
Water temperatures are always a pleasant 25C to 28C.

Language – The official language is Sinhala, however English is fluently spoken and understood
For a deeper kind of relaxation, guests should visit the Ayurveda centre located in a traditional house, in the compound where spa treatments offer an original and global approach to indulge, detoxify and rejuvenate body and spirit. Age old traditional methods have been adopted and redesigned ensuring the ultimate Asian spa experience.

The massage uses a combination of tapotement, smooth flowing strokes and kneading to help relax the body and brings relief to weary muscles.

The official website of Kosgoda Beach Resort can be found here.

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