Thursday, August 19, 2010

Wasgamuwa Holiday Bungalow - Wasgamuwa

The Bungalow is located in a serene natural setting bordering the main access road to the park and in close proximity to the Park Entrance. (In fact the Park Gate can be seen from the Bungalow).It is a 3 double roomed eco friendly holiday bungalow where open type accommodation is also possible.It makes the bungalow to accommodate a group of 20-25 using both indoor and open type facilities. The approach to the bungalow can be done from 3 main routes but comming through Riverston from Matale side is the best one for a nature traveller to explore the magnificient scheneries of nature.

- 3 double rooms
- 2 seperate bathroms which are well maintained
- Open Dining
- Open varandah with comfortable chairs
- The Bungalow has facilities to accommodate around 20-25 visitors at a time using both indoor and open type facilities.
- It has wide verandahs with both indoor and open type sleeping facilities
- An experienced cook who is specialized in Sri Lankan type village food is avaiable with the bungalow who will prepare foods of your choice.Food will be served on request from the ‘Food Hut’ and will be separately charged.
- If desired, visitors can bring the food stuff of their own choice and cooking facilities are available at the Bungalow.
- BBQ facility is available

Safari Wild life safaris can be organized to the Wasgamauwa National Park which is just 200 m to its entrance from the Bungalow.
1Garden The bungalow is surrounded by a garden with huge trees which shelters the whole surrounding of the bungalow.Behind the bungalow is a mini jugle of its own where a path of elephants is located.
Tree House A tree house is there just above the path of elephants and is purposely made for exploring the elephant walks in the night.
You can find more details from here.
You can find more details about sri lanka by reading Lonely planet booklets available from here.

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