Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Amrith Restaurant (Indian Food)

About Amrith Indian Restaurant in Sri Lanka 
Amrith Indian Restaurant, No.17,Dickmans Road, Colombo - 05 is a member of the Jaycey Group Companies. This establishment has been registered with the Sri Lanka Tourist Board as an " A" Grade Tourist Restaurant.
Food & Beverage & Features:
This restaurant is patronized by both local and foreign guests, since the services of the staff and quality and standard of various cuisine provided are excellent. Indian menu contains more than 160 items while the Chinese menu exceeds over 161 item of cuisine. The Indian cuisine includes North & South, vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes of excellent quality and taste prepared by well-experienced Indian Chefs. Chinese cuisine are also prepared by well experienced Chefs in the field.
Tandoori section from the hot clay oven is popular among its guests. Tandoori chicken, Tandoor cheesy kebab, Rashmi kebab, Mutton chops barrah, Tandoori jumbo prawns and snacky delights from the fry pan are some of the popular items from the starters ‘The other attraction is sea food. People do visit to taste the Indian seafood preparations’.
Amrith Restaurant Contact Info:

Phone: +94114877888  +94114877866
Fax: +94114876877

No 147 Vajira Road
Colombo 05
Colombo, Sri Lanka, 5


riswan said...

Are you guys provide halal food.

asela said...

Nice food...if you don't mind waiting for it. Be prepared to wait 30 mins to 1 hour depending on how busy they are

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