Tuesday, November 16, 2010

WildGrass - Sigiriya

Nestled in the heart of an enchanting forest, amongst the whispers of trees and magical birdsong, there exists a slice of paradise. Welcome to WildGrass - an unforgettable experience for the soul that longs utopian bliss.  Tucked away deep within the jungles of Sigirya, our tranquil haven is designed to captivate both heart and mind, cocooning you in the warm embrace of Mother Nature’s best. Indulge in untold luxuries, away from the cacophony of city life as you release all worldly worries in utmost seclusion cloaked by breathtaking natural scenery and the haunting music of the wild. Step into the enchantment of a luxurious jungle hideaway.
You will find it all too easy to fall under the spell woven by the resort’s alluring sensations from the very first second you begin your experience.  The other-worldly charm of the environment surrounding you can calm even the most restless of spirits. The most captivating feature of the Wild Grass Nature Resort is its absolute stillness and the sheer luxury of privacy within the folds of this gorgeous retreat, enveloped by the majesty of the pristine forest.
The resort rests in 30 acres of unfenced jungle land, surrounded by a stunning vista of lush forestry, majestic mountains, and a delightful little lake, an enthralling picture that can be enjoyed from almost any location within the premises. At the resort, considerable care has been taken to maintain the original ecosystem by leaving the wilderness untouched; as a consequence, the resort is regularly visited by a variety of resident creatures including elephants, wild boar, deer, wild rabbits, peacocks and more than 40 varieties of birds.
You find yourself delighting in the inner knowledge that you are a privileged visitor in their exclusive domain.
The unique feature of WildGrass remains its exceptional natural beauty and absolute solitude afforded to the traveler seeking a perfect rest. Intimate and secluded, the resort limits itself to only 5 exotic villas in the entire property, adequately spaced out to make privacy the ultimate luxury.
The official website can be found here.

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