Monday, November 22, 2010

World’s Fifth Highest Tower will be in Sri Lanka soon - Lotus Tower

The Chinese state company has accepted a new contract to build the world’s fifth highest tower in Sri Lanka at an estimated cost of US$ 100 million.

The tower will be named “Lotus tower” (Nelum Kuluna) and when completed will stand 350 meters in height. The overall shape and appearance will be that of a lotus flower and will take up 20 acres of ground area.
The first and second floors will be used by media broadcasting and the telecommunications system. It is planned that there will be four basement levels including a shopping complex. According to the source it will take only 30 seconds for people wishing to visit the top floor of the tower which will accommodate gamble casinos and night clubs.

In view of the existing condition of the less fortunate in the country it may be argued that US$ 100 million might be put to a better use.


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